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QuantaApp Class Reference

#include <quanta.h>

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Detailed Description

The base class for Quanta application windows.

Definition at line 117 of file quanta.h.

Public Types

enum  ExistsAs { DocumentView, ToolView, AnyView }

Public Slots

virtual void activateFirstWin ()
virtual void activateLastWin ()
virtual void activateNextWin ()
virtual void activatePrevWin ()
virtual void activateView (int index)
virtual KMdiToolViewAccessor * addToolWindow (QWidget *pWnd, KDockWidget::DockPosition pos=KDockWidget::DockNone, QWidget *pTargetWnd=0L, int percent=50, const QString &tabToolTip=0, const QString &tabCaption=0)
virtual void addWindow (KMdiChildView *pView, QRect rectNormal, int flags=KMdi::StandardAdd)
virtual void addWindow (KMdiChildView *pView, QPoint pos, int flags=KMdi::StandardAdd)
void addWindow (KMdiChildView *pView, int flags, int index)
virtual void addWindow (KMdiChildView *pView, int flags=KMdi::StandardAdd)
virtual void attachWindow (KMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bShow=true, bool bAutomaticResize=false)
virtual void cascadeMaximized ()
virtual void cascadeWindows ()
virtual void childWindowCloseRequest (KMdiChildView *pWnd)
virtual void closeActiveView ()
virtual void closeAllViews ()
virtual void closeWindow (KMdiChildView *pWnd, bool layoutTaskBar=true)
KMdiToolViewAccessor * createToolWindow ()
KMdiChildViewcreateWrapper (QWidget *view, const QString &name, const QString &shortName)
virtual void deleteToolWindow (KMdiToolViewAccessor *accessor)
virtual void deleteToolWindow (QWidget *pWnd)
virtual void detachWindow (KMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bShow=true)
void documentProperties (bool forceInsertionOfMinimalTree=false)
virtual void expandHorizontal ()
virtual void expandVertical ()
virtual void fillWindowMenu ()
virtual void finishChildframeMode ()
virtual void finishIDEAlMode (bool full=true)
virtual void finishTabPageMode ()
virtual void finishToplevelMode ()
void gotoFileAndLine (const QString &filename, int line, int column)
virtual void hideViewTaskBar ()
virtual void iconifyAllViews ()
bool isViewTaskBarOn ()
void nextToolViewInDock ()
void openDoc (const QString &url)
 open url in documentation window
void prevToolViewInDock ()
virtual void removeWindowFromMdi (KMdiChildView *pWnd)
void selectArea (int line1, int col1, int line2, int col2)
void setCursorPosition (int row, int col)
virtual void setEnableMaximizedChildFrmMode (bool bEnable)
virtual void setFrameDecorOfAttachedViews (int frameDecor)
void setIDEAlModeStyle (int flags) KDE_DEPRECATED
void setToolviewStyle (int flags)
virtual void showViewTaskBar ()
virtual void slot_toggleTaskBar ()
void slotAddToolbar ()
void slotAssignActionToScript (const KURL &a_scriptURL, const QString &a_interpreter)
void slotAutosaveTimer ()
void slotBack ()
void slotBuildPrjToolbarsMenu ()
void slotChangeDTD ()
void slotChangePreviewStatus ()
void slotConfigureToolbars (const QString &defaultToolbar=QString::null)
void slotContextHelp ()
void slotContextMenuAboutToShow ()
void slotConvertCase ()
void slotCVSCommandExecuted (const QString &command, const QStringList &files)
void slotDeleteAction (KAction *action)
void slotDeleteFile (QuantaView *view=0L)
void slotDocumentProperties ()
void slotEditAction (const QString &)
void slotEditFindInFiles ()
void slotExpandAbbreviation ()
void slotFileClose (const KURL &url)
void slotFileClose ()
void slotFileCloseAll ()
void slotFileNew ()
void slotFileOpen (const KURL::List &urls, const QString &encoding)
void slotFileOpen (const KURL &, const QString &)
void slotFileOpen (const KURL &)
void slotFileOpen ()
void slotFileOpenRecent (const KURL &)
void slotFileQuit ()
void slotFileReload (QuantaView *view=0L)
void slotFileReloadAll ()
void slotFileSave ()
void slotFileSaveAll ()
bool slotFileSaveAs ()
void slotFileSaveAsLocalTemplate ()
void slotFileSaveAsProjectTemplate ()
void slotFileSaveSelectionAsLocalTemplate ()
void slotFileSaveSelectionAsProjectTemplate ()
void slotForceReparse ()
void slotForward ()
void slotGetUserToolbarFiles (KURL::List *list)
void slotHideSplash ()
void slotHTMLPartDeleted (QObject *object)
void slotImageOpen (const KURL &)
void slotInsertFile (const KURL &)
void slotInsertTag (const KURL &, DirInfo)
void slotLoadGlobalToolbar ()
void slotLoadToolbar ()
void slotLoadToolbarFile (const KURL &url)
void slotNewLineColumn ()
void slotNewPart (KParts::Part *newPart, bool setActiv)
void slotNewStatus ()
void slotNewToolbarConfig ()
void slotOpenFileInPreview (const KURL &)
void slotOptions ()
void slotOptionsConfigureActions ()
void slotOptionsConfigureKeys ()
void slotOptionsConfigureToolbars ()
void slotParsingDTDChanged (const QString &newDTDName)
void slotPreviewHasFocus (bool focus)
void slotPreviewOptions ()
void slotReloadStructTreeView (bool groupOnly=false)
void slotRemoveAction (const QString &, const QString &actionName)
bool slotRemoveToolbar (const QString &name)
bool slotRemoveToolbar ()
void slotRenameToolbar ()
void slotRenameToolbar (const QString &name)
void slotRepaintPreview ()
void slotReparse ()
void slotReportBug ()
void slotSaveLocalToolbar ()
void slotSaveProjectToolbar ()
void slotSendToolbar ()
void slotShowCompletion ()
void slotShowCompletionHint ()
void slotShowMessagesView ()
void slotShowPreviewWidget (bool show)
void slotShowProblemsView ()
void slotStatusMsg (const QString &text)
void slotSyntaxCheckDone ()
void slotToggleShowPreview ()
void slotUploadFile (QuantaView *view=0L)
void statusBarTimeout ()
virtual void switchToChildframeMode ()
virtual void switchToIDEAlMode ()
virtual void switchToTabPageMode ()
virtual void switchToToplevelMode ()
virtual void tileAnodine ()
virtual void tilePragma ()
virtual void tileVertically ()


void childViewIsDetachedNow (QWidget *)
void collapseOverlapContainers ()
void eventHappened (const QString &, const QString &, const QString &)
void lastChildFrmClosed ()
void lastChildViewClosed ()
void leftTopLevelMode ()
void mdiModeHasBeenChangedTo (KMdi::MdiMode)
void reloadAllTrees ()
void showSplash (bool)
void toggleBottom ()
void toggleLeft ()
void toggleRight ()
void toggleTop ()
void viewActivated (KMdiChildView *)
void viewDeactivated (KMdiChildView *)

Public Member Functions

KMdiChildViewactiveWindow ()
virtual void applyOptions ()
KURL baseURL ()
int childFrameModeHeight ()
KConfig * config () const
QWidget * createContainer (QWidget *parent, int index, const QDomElement &element, int &id)
void createDocPart ()
KMdiIterator< KMdiChildView * > * createIterator ()
void createPreviewPart ()
int currentEditorIfNum () const
QString currentURL () const
DebuggerManager * debugger () const
QSize defaultChildFrmSize ()
QString defaultEncoding ()
void deleteIterator (KMdiIterator< KMdiChildView * > *pIt)
QuantaDoc * doc () const
WHTMLPartdocumentationPart ()
QString documentFolderForURL (QString url)
bool enableIdleTimer (bool enable)
virtual bool event (QEvent *e)
virtual bool eventFilter (QObject *obj, QEvent *e)
void fakeSDIApplication ()
void findRootDockWidgets (QPtrList< KDockWidget > *pRootDockWidgetList, QValueList< QRect > *pPositionList)
KMdiChildViewfindWindow (const QString &caption)
QStringList idSelectors ()
bool isFakingSDIApplication () const
bool isInMaximizedChildFrmMode ()
void loadToolbarForDTD (const QString &dtdName)
KMdi::MdiMode mdiMode ()
MessageOutputmessageOutput () const
void newCursorPosition (QString file, int lineNumber, int columnNumber)
void newDebuggerPosition (QString file, int lineNumber)
void oldCursorPos (uint &line, uint &col)
QStringList openedURLs () const
void openFile (QString file, int lineNumber, int columnNumber)
KParts::PartManager * partManager ()
MessageOutputproblemOutput () const
KURL projectBaseURL () const
QString projectURL () const
 QuantaApp (int mdiMode)
void removeContainer (QWidget *container, QWidget *parent, QDomElement &element, int id)
void reparse (bool force)
void restoreFromTempfile (Document *w)
QString saveCurrentFile ()
QStringList selectors (const QString &tag)
virtual void setBackgroundColor (const QColor &c)
virtual void setBackgroundPixmap (const QPixmap &pm)
void setDefaultChildFrmSize (const QSize &sz)
void setManagedDockPositionModeEnabled (bool enabled)
virtual void setMenuForSDIModeSysButtons (KMenuBar *=0)
virtual void setMinimumSize (int minw, int minh)
void setStandardMDIMenuEnabled (bool showModeMenu=true)
void setSwitching (const bool switching)
virtual void setSysButtonsAtMenuPosition ()
void setTabToolTip (QWidget *w, const QString &toolTipStr)
virtual void setUndockPositioningOffset (QPoint offset)
NodeshowTagDialogAndReturnNode (const QString &tag, const QString &attr=QString::null)
void showToolbarFile (const KURL &url)
void slotFileClosed ()
void startIdleTimer ()
bool structTreeVisible () const
bool switching (void) const
QStringList tagAreas (const QString &name, bool includeCoordinates, bool skipFoundContent) const
QPopupMenu * tagsMenu () const
virtual int taskBarHeight ()
virtual QPopupMenu * taskBarPopup (KMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bIncludeWindowPopup=false)
QString urlWithPreviewPrefix (QString url)
bool windowExists (KMdiChildView *pWnd, ExistsAs as)
QPopupMenu * windowMenu () const
virtual QPopupMenu * windowPopup (KMdiChildView *pWnd, bool bIncludeTaskbarPopup=true)

Static Public Member Functions

static int frameDecorOfAttachedViews ()

Public Attributes

EnhancedTagAttributeTree * aTab
KRecentFilesAction * fileRecent
bool m_idleTimerEnabled
bool m_loopStarted
 the pointer to all the init stuff
QString popupWord
bool quantaStarted
QDict< ToolbarEntry > toolbarList

Protected Slots

virtual void activateView (KMdiChildView *pWnd)
void closeViewButtonPressed ()
void dockMenuItemActivated (int id)
void dragEndTimeOut ()
void popupWindowMenu (QPoint p)
void slotActivePartChanged (KParts::Part *)
void slotCopy ()
void slotCut ()
void slotDockWidgetHasUndocked (KDockWidget *widget)
void slotDownloadDTEP ()
void slotDownloadScript ()
void slotDownloadTemplate ()
void slotDownloadToolbar ()
void slotEditCurrentTag ()
void slotEmailDTEP ()
void slotFrameWizard ()
void slotGetScriptError (KProcess *, char *, int)
void slotGetScriptOutput (KProcess *, char *, int)
void slotHelpHomepage ()
void slotHelpTip ()
void slotHelpUserList ()
void slotIdleTimerExpired ()
void slotInsertChar ()
void slotInsertCSS ()
void slotLoadDTEP ()
void slotMakeDonation ()
void slotOpenFileUnderCursor ()
void slotPaste ()
void slotPasteHTMLQuoted ()
void slotPasteURLEncoded ()
void slotPreviewBeingClosed ()
void slotProcessExited (KProcess *)
void slotProcessTimeout ()
void slotRedo ()
void slotSelectTagArea (Node *node)
void slotSelectTagArea ()
void slotShowNoFramesPreview ()
void slotShowSourceEditor ()
void slotShowVPLAndSourceEditor ()
void slotShowVPLOnly ()
void slotSmartTagInsertion ()
void slotSpellcheck ()
void slotTabDragged (QWidget *widget)
void slotTagColor ()
void slotTagDate ()
void slotTagEditTable ()
void slotTagMail ()
void slotTagMisc ()
void slotTagQuickList ()
void slotTagSelect ()
void slotToggleDTDToolbar (bool show)
void slotUndo ()
void slotUploadDTEP ()
void slotUploadOpenedFiles ()
void slotViewInKFM ()
void slotViewInLynx ()
void switchOffMaximizeModeForMenu (KMdiChildFrm *oldChild)
virtual void taskbarButtonRightClicked (KMdiChildView *pWnd)
void updateSysButtonConnections (KMdiChildFrm *oldChild, KMdiChildFrm *newChild)
void windowMenuItemActivated (int id)

Protected Member Functions

bool allToolbarsHidden () const
void blockClearingOfWindowMenu (bool bBlocked)
virtual void createMdiManager ()
virtual void createTaskBar ()
void dockToolViewsIntoContainers (QPtrList< KDockWidget > &widgetsToReparent, KDockWidget *container)
void findToolViewsDockedToMain (QPtrList< KDockWidget > *list, KDockWidget::DockPosition dprtmw)
virtual void focusInEvent (QFocusEvent *)
void idealToolViewsToStandardTabs (QStringList widgetNames, KDockWidget::DockPosition pos, int sizee)
void initTabWidget (bool closeButtonsOnly=false)
QStringList prepareIdealToTabs (KDockWidget *container)
virtual bool queryClose ()
bool removeToolbars ()
void resetDockLayout ()
virtual void resizeEvent (QResizeEvent *)
void saveAsTemplate (bool projectTemplate, bool selectionOnly=false)
void saveOptions ()
bool saveToolbar (bool localToolbar=true, const QString &toolbarToSave=QString::null, const KURL &destURL=KURL())
KURL saveToolbarToFile (const QString &toolbarName, const KURL &destFile)
void setTabWidgetVisibility (KMdi::TabWidgetVisibility)
void setTitle (const QString &)
class KTabWidgettabWidget () const
KMdi::TabWidgetVisibility tabWidgetVisibility ()
void updateTreeViews ()

Protected Attributes

QTimer * autosaveTimer
QString currentToolbarDTD
DCOPQuanta * dcopQuanta
DCOPSettings * dcopSettings
QTimer * idleTimer
bool m_bClearingOfWindowMenuBlocked
bool m_bMaximizedChildFrmMode
bool m_bSDIApplication
bool m_bSwitching
int m_cvsMenuId
KMdi::MdiMode m_mdiMode
QGuardedPtr< KTextEditor::View > m_oldKTextEditor
 remembers the last activated GUI
int m_oldMainFrmHeight
int m_oldMainFrmMaxHeight
int m_oldMainFrmMinHeight
KParts::PartManager * m_partManager
 the pointer to the part manager
QToolButton * m_pClose
QPixmap * m_pCloseButtonPixmap
QPopupMenu * m_pDockMenu
QPtrList< KMdiChildView > * m_pDocumentViews
QTimer * m_pDragEndTimer
KMenuBar * m_pMainMenuBar
QPopupMenu * m_pMdiModeMenu
QPixmap * m_pMinButtonPixmap
QToolButton * m_pMinimize
QPopupMenu * m_pPlacingMenu
QToolButton * m_pRestore
QPixmap * m_pRestoreButtonPixmap
QPopupMenu * m_pTaskBarPopup
QDomDocument * m_pTempDockSession
QMap< QWidget
*, KMdiToolViewAccessor * > * 
QToolButton * m_pUndock
QPixmap * m_pUndockButtonPixmap
QPopupMenu * m_pWindowMenu
QPopupMenu * m_pWindowPopup
QPoint m_undockPositioningOffset
QMap< QString, QString > oldShortcuts
QValueList< int > previousWidgetList
QTimer * refreshTimer
KURL urlUnderCursor

Static Protected Attributes

static KMdi::FrameDecor m_frameDecoration = KMdi::KDELook

Private Member Functions

ToolbarEntry * toolbarByURL (const KURL &url)

Private Attributes

int currentPageIndex
uint cursorCol
uint cursorLine
KAction * editTagAction
bool exitingFlag
FilesTreeView * fTab
QDomDocument * m_actions
KConfig * m_config
DebuggerManager * m_debugger
QuantaDoc * m_doc
KMdiToolViewAccessor * m_documentationToolView
KProcess * m_execCommandPS
KMdiToolViewAccessor * m_messageOutputView
bool m_noFramesPreview
Document * m_previewedDocument
KMdiToolViewAccessor * m_previewToolView
bool m_previewVisible
KMdiToolViewAccessor * m_problemsOutputView
QString m_scriptOutput
QPopupMenu * m_tagsMenu
QPtrList< KTextEditor::Mark > markList
uint oldCursorCol
uint oldCursorLine
bool previewCopyMade
KTempFile * previewTmpFile
KRecentFilesAction * projectToolbarFiles
KAction * saveAction
KAction * saveAllAction
KAction * selectTagAreaAction
KToggleAction * showDTDToolbar
KToggleAction * showKafkaAction
KToolBarPopupAction * showPreviewAction
QTimer * statusbarTimer
uint userToolbarsCount


class QuantaInit

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